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2022 The Alienated Monroe 97x97cm.jpg

Allison Liu Daisong

Allison LIU Daisong​Ph.D. candidate of the Renmin University of China, specialized in Aesthetics, School of Philosophy;Visiting Researcher of Shenzhen Technology University Int’l Contemporary Art Research Centre;Awarded in 2020 the “Provincial Master of Ceramic Arts”, China.​

◆Focusing on the creation of landscape paintings with ink and colour on paper, integrating modernity into the artistic conception of conventional ink paintings, bringing ink paintings to a wider international audience. Collectors are broadly distributed in ASEAN countries, China, Europe, North America and the Middle East. She has been invited to participate in the Singapore National Day Art Exhibition, Art Stage Singapore, “China 70th Anniversary – Beijing International Ink Painting Invitational Exhibition”, Shenzhen Technology University International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shenzhen International Art Fair, Singapore American Club Solo Exhibition, etc.


◆Published books and articles on Asian art masters incl. Lim Hak Tai (1898-1963), Chen Wen Hsi (1906-1991), Cheong Soo Pieng (1917-1983), Liu Kuo-Sung (1932-) and Yeo Hoe Koon (1935-).

​       《Cross-border Investment and Management of the Art Asset》compiled by Global Legal Alliance in the book《Cross-border Investment and International Cooperation》 published by China Law Press, 2019.

​       《A Strategic Study of Art Asset Management》 published in Peking University Cultural Industries Review 2020.

​       《Nanyang Characteristics in Xu Beihong’s Paintings – A Further Study of Sir Shenton Thomas》published by Chinese Oil Painting 2021.


​       Book《Critical Review – Liu Song Nian Shanshui, Song Dynasty, Collection of Beijing Palace Museum》published by An Hui Fine Arts Publishing House 2021.

​       Book《Critical Review – Yan Lan Qiu Xiao, Song Dynasty, Collection of the Metropolitan Museum US》 published by An Hui Fine Arts Publishing House 2022.       


​       Obtained 6 National Patents in design of Zisha teapots 2019-2021, among which the “Ph.D Teapot” design won the Silver Award in “The Earth Award” 2020 - the top level competition in Chinese ceramic society; and won the Gold Medal in the 7th China National Ceramics Industry Skills Competition in 2021.  

◆A distinguished speaker at art forums organized by governments and universities incl:

​       •“Silk Road Art Forum”, Shanghai Municipal and Gansu Provincial Government, Sep 2015;

​       •“The Alternative Asset Management Forum”, NTU and SGX, Jan 2016;Art Forum 1st National Silk Road Dunhuang Int’l ​    Cultural Expo, Sep 2016;

​       •China Summit, Yale-NUS, Singapore, Mar 2017;

​       The Island Art Forum of Art Basel Hong Kong, Mar 2017;Peking University Int’l Doctoral Student Art Forum, Aug-Sep 2018;

​       •Christie’s Global Conference, Christie’s Art Education New York, London and Hong Kong, Nov 2020.


◆Interviewed by China Daily Asian Weekly, Lianhe Zaobao, Straits Times, MediacorpChanel8, Prestige Wealth, the Peak, a+ Magazine and Nanyang Technological University for art creation, appreciation and authentication.


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