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Allison Liu Daisong

Woosee beautifully combines the spirit of ink art and tea culture in its essence. Our name is a reflection of the harmony between the five tones of ink, known as "wu-se," and the exquisite craftsmanship of teapots made from zisha clay, also known as "wu-se" clay.

Allison Liu is a multifaceted artist, scholar, and collector, renowned for her expertise in the art world. Her publications delve into the works of esteemed Asian artists such as Xu Beihong, Lim Hak Tai, and Chen Wen Hsi, among others. Noteworthy for her critical reviews on Song Dynasty paintings, Allison is a sought-after speaker at institutions in Singapore and China. Currently pursuing a PhD in Aesthetics at Renmin University of China, she continues to make an impact in the art community.


Through her artworks, Allison explores the traditional Chinese concept of "shanshui," blending classical brush skills with vibrant colors to evoke the magnificence of ancient times. Her use of ink and color on rice paper creates a unique visual experience, combining three-dimensional perspectives with abstract compositions. The "Alienation" series, inspired by shanshui, showcases her talent in deconstructing and reconstructing motifs to create dynamic and thought-provoking pieces.With a global appeal, Allison's works have captivated art enthusiasts from East to West, leading to exhibitions at prestigious venues such as the Shenzhen International Art Fair and the Beijing International Ink Painting Invitational Exhibition. Her collector base spans across continents, highlighting the universal appeal of her modern yet culturally rich artworks.


Zisha Teapot 





Wang Xiaoli

National Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts
National Researcher-Level Senior Master of Arts and Crafts



Allison Liu

Chinese Provincial Master of Arts and Crafts



Wang Hui​

National Senior Master of Arts and Crafts
Chinese Provincial Master of Arts and Crafts

Immerse yourself in the exquisite world of Woosee, where the art of fine tea meets the craftsmanship of the finest zisha teapots. With Allison, a Provincial Ceramic Master in China, at the helm, Woosee showcases the work of renowned ceramic masters like Wang Xiaoli (b.1971, National Master of Arts and Crafts) and Wang Hui (b.1979, Provincial Master of Ceramic). Allison's impeccable teapots have garnered numerous prestigious accolades in China, including the esteemed "Earth Award" in 2020 and both a Gold Medal and Silver Award in the National Ceramic Industry Competition in 2021 and 2023 respectively. Her remarkable talent was further recognized with the Elite Award in the 2023 Baihe Cup China Arts and Crafts Design Innovation Competition., endorsed by the State Council Information Office, featured her collaboration with artist Wang Hui in crafting the acclaimed "Rock" teapot.

Crafted from high-quality zisha clay, these teapots undergo a meticulous process of natural fermentation and tempering, resulting in a unique nano-scale micro-cobweb structure within the clay. Rich in minerals, the clay exhibits colorful mineral particles after firing, not only adding visual appeal but also contributing to the health benefits and heat preservation of the teapot. The double-hole air-permeable structure of the clay enhances the brewing process, allowing the tea soup to interact with air and improve its flavor profile, akin to the aeration process in winemaking.

Sourced solely from Yixing, Jiangsu, the zisha clay used in these teapots is a precious and limited resource, with the Chinese government imposing strict regulations on mining since 2004. With less than 4% of the mined minerals suitable for teapot making, the art of crafting these fine zisha teapots is a labor-intensive process, with each teapot being fired at temperatures of 1200°C and crafted entirely by hand. These authentic, handmade treasures, limited to a maximum of just 50 pieces per master per year, were once a coveted secret within elite circles.

202301 Blossom 繁枝高拂 45x70cm.jpg

Pu'er Tea


At Woosee, we curate the highest quality Pu'er tea, sourced from the first spring harvest of 100% pure leaves from ancient trees in renowned villages and mountains such as Bingdao, Banzhang, and Yiwu. Some harvests in select villages come from fewer than 100 trees, highlighting the exquisite rarity of these teas. This focus on appreciating "pure leaves" only began in 2009, making Woosee a pioneering force in merging the finest teas with exquisite teapots to create a collection worthy of admiration and appreciation.

Similar to the aging process of fine wines, Pu'er teas improve in flavour as they mature. While many foods deteriorate over time, Pu'er undergoes a transformation, developing a richer and more intricate taste profile. Allowing the tea to naturally evolve is the ideal way to appreciate its unique qualities. Some view savouring Pu'er as a way of immersing oneself in history. The most aged Pu'er teas are highly coveted treasures, fetching prices as high as SGD2,000 per gram.

Pu'er tea offers a variety of benefits, including weight loss as it can aid in blood sugar control and hunger management. With its caffeine content, this fermented tea can also provide a natural energy boost, making it a perfect morning or early afternoon pick-me-up. Additionally, Pu'er tea has been known to help promote a healthy heart by reducing cholesterol levels and decreasing the risk of heart disease. Its high antioxidant content also aids in preventing chronic illnesses, while the production of natural melatonin in the brain can help reduce stress levels and improve sleep patterns.



Woosee has curated a diverse array of captivating events at our gallery, each exuding an air of sophistication and cultural enrichment. From enchanting tea appreciation sessions to enlightening seminars on art investing, our gallery has served as a hub for discourse and discovery. We have played host to exquisite exhibitions featuring high-end jewelry and watches, captivating the senses and igniting a passion for craftsmanship. With a spirit of generosity and compassion, we have also lent our space to charitable endeavors, bringing awareness and support to important causes. In addition, we have showcased the works of talented artists through solo exhibitions, celebrating their creativity and vision. With each event, Woosee strives to create an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary and inspires a deep appreciation for the arts.


Opening hours:  Monday – Sunday: 12pm - 7pm
#03-27/28 Mandarin Gallery 333A Orchard Rd Singapore 238897

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